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Concept Open Imaging Center
2290 10th Ave North, Suite 101, Lake Worth, FL 33461

MRI Center Offers Open Imaging Diagnostics

Concept Open Imaging Center is a full-service outpatient MRI center staffed with dedicated radiologists and technologists who for 38 years have been using the latest technology in open MRI imaging and other procedures to provide the most accurate results.

Looking Out for You

We have radiologists on our premises every day to ensure patients' safety and the quality of care. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we can assign specific cases to an appropriate sub-specialty radiologist, or even to another facility or hospital! We also offer same day and next day appointments, fast registration, and quick test results.

No Insurance? No Problem!

If you happen to be without insurance coverage, don't skip a diagnostic MRI! We'll work with you and give you a significant discount on any procedure when you pay in full at the time of service.

For more information, call us at (561) 228-4312.
Call Now for an Accurate Diagnosis
(561) 228-4312